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Support the Unveiling of an Untold Chapter in Texas History

Jacob DeCordova: The Visionary of the Lone Star State

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We are seeking your support in creating a compelling documentary that explores the life and legacy of Jacob DeCordova - an unsung hero and remarkable Jewish figure in the early history of Texas.

Jacob DeCordova was more than just a surveyor and landman; he was a visionary. As one of the principal founders of Waco Village, a creator of the first-ever map of Texas, and an influential politician during the nascent days of the Texas Republic, DeCordova played a pivotal role in shaping not only the state of Texas but also the United States as a whole.

The purpose of this project is to unveil the history of Jacob DeCordova and his lasting impact on our community, educating our younger generations about the rich, diverse foundations of their heritage. By employing the latest technologies and collaborating with expert historians, we aim to tell a story that resonates across generations, igniting interest in history and fostering an appreciation of the past's influence on our present.

This documentary, however, aims to achieve something greater. In an era marked by increasing anti-semitism, we wish to highlight the positive contributions Jewish individuals, like DeCordova, have made to American history. We believe this story can inspire unity and cooperation among Christians and Jews, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on interfaith relations and the fight against bigotry.

Moreover, as Waco enters a period of reinvestment and revitalization, there is no better time to recall the men and women who first believed in its potential. By exploring DeCordova's vision and dedication, we hope to reinforce the value of shared purpose and the power of a united community.

As of today, we have already established partnerships with secular and Jewish historians and have accessed relevant historical records at Baylor University and the University of Texas (Austin). However, we still need your support to bring this project to life. The funds raised will be directed towards the production of a 45-minute documentary - a vivid and immersive exploration of DeCordova's life and impact. With funding secured, we hope to begin film creation in October 2023.

This is not just a film. It's a testament to our history, a tribute to diversity, and a rallying cry for unity. Stand with us, contribute to our cause, and let us together make this inspiring chapter of Texas history accessible to everyone. Your support can make a difference in how we remember our past and envision our future.

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